Correos buying in to responsible procurement

Correos is one of Spain’s largest companies, employing more than 52,000 people. As a public company, it sets the standard in terms of responsible business, extending this commitment to its operations and to its business development activities.

For the last ten years Correos has considered social and environmental criteria within its procurement process, in line with its commitments under the UN Global Compact principles. This extends to the procurement of products and services that meet specific social, ethical and environmental requirements, including promoting the use of recycled materials and increasing diversity and inclusivity. These criteria align with Correos’ mission to generate economic, social and environmental value, while considering the needs of its stakeholders.

The initiative is ongoing, and constantly evolving as the sustainability and technological landscapes shift. Responsible green purchases promote local development, improve quality of life and social cohesion, reduce negative impacts, drive legal compliance, and support the socially responsible policies. For example, their Caja Verde (Línea Bosques – Forest Line) packaging range uses recycled and sustainably sourced material, reducing the application of dyes and minimising the use of polyethylene. 

The sales of this packaging have helped to achieve reforestations equivalent to 261 soccer fields. From next year onwards; Correos will increase its own contribution per package by €0.04, to further support forest fire prevention and reforestation initiatives. With this product offering Correos integrates sustainable criteria, but also offers customers the opportunity to benefit from green purchase options.


The Correos and Correos Express programmes integrating efficiencies and new technologies underpin its commitment to the environment and capacity for innovation. These initiatives have engaged and brought satisfaction to employees, introduced more sustainable and cost-effective transport and reduced the environmental impact on local communities.