‘LOVE YOU’ allows one to stay close to his or her loved ones during the COVID-19 lockdown.

By offering a ‘LOVE YOU’ code for 10 free mobile postcards per person, bpost wanted to provide a safe, fast way for citizens to stay in contact with their loved ones when not quarantined together.

Each recipient could use a code on the card to send his/her free card as well. 

By using the mobile postcard bpost reduced the number of interventions in sending a card.  The company was able to form a connection between lonely people and enhance the appreciation for postmen and postwomen. Additionally, by reducing the amount of handling in the process of buying, writing, sending and receiving a card, bpost reduced the risk of contamination and emissions.

More than 2 million mobile postcards were sent, making the campaign a huge success.
The campaign made bpost employees feel proud and engaged.

The postal company received a lot of positive feedback and also inspired other companies/cities to follow its example: The National Lottery, brewer Alken Maes, the city of Sint Truiden.