During the COVID crisis, Posti sent a leaflet to all its employees, with a variety of recommendations and tools for maintaining physical and mental health.

Posti’s role as the support function for the whole society was never as evident as during the exceptional times of coronavirus. As an expert of crisis management, Posti was able to continue its operations regardless of the pandemic and without jeopardizing the health and safety of its employees and customers. Early on, a strategic focus was put on the well-being and safety of Posti’s employees. Using extensive communication means, the 20.000 employees continuously had access to guidelines and support. 
One effective tool of communications was a well-being leaflet sent to all employees, covering topics such as the coronavirus and effective ways of protection; holistic wellbeing and tips on how to reduce stress; occupational health services, with a focus especially on low-threshold services; support for the body and mind, and work safety updates.

The leaflet was very well received by employees. The number of employees affected by Covid-19 was low: 59 confirmed cases. A recent survey gave a record high satisfaction rate of 87% to Posti’s health service provider. Lastly, the leaflet was such a big success that the company sent out a new one in May.