Swiss Post produced a special stamp to contribute to Swiss Solidarity’s fundraising campaign for people heavily impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

With its “COVID-19 Solidarity” stamp, Swiss Post is sending a signal of solidarity and trust. The stamps are available by sheets of 10 and cost five francs each. Swiss Post bears the face value of one franc: customers donate 50 francs per sheet and Swiss Post gives them stamps worth 10 francs. Proceeds will go to those within Switzerland who have been severely impacted by the coronavirus crisis and will be split equally between Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Red Cross.

The campaign has been a success and Swiss Post CEO Roberto Cirillo is delighted by the special stamp’s success as well. The donation campaign is an example of solidarity in practice but it is also about lending a helping hand.

Swiss Post managed to sell more than 20,000 sheets of the stamp in the first three weeks. As a result, it will be able to donate over 1 million francs to Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Red Cross (as of 28 April). This will enable the two organizations to help people in Switzerland who are particularly affected by the coronavirus crisis.