By summer of 2021, all mail, direct mail and parcels will be delivered emission-free to private customers in the provincial capital of Styria (Graz).


By joining the global initiative EV100, Austrian Post has made a commitment to replace its motorised delivery fleet with electric vehicles or alternative drives by 2030. At present, at least 2,047 electric vehicles operate, which makes it the largest e-fleet operator in Austria. In cooperation with Siegfried Nagl, Mayor of Graz, and with the financial support of the Austrian Government, Austrian Post has focused on the City of Graz as a role model for emission-free city logistics, with other metropolitan areas in planning. The following steps have been taken: 65 dynamic chargers installed at the logistics centre in Graz and operation of 65 electric vehicles, emission-free delivery of all city mail since September 2020, procurement of electricity from 100% renewable energy, reduction of noise and exhaust emissions. By summer of 2021, 70 more automobiles with combustion engines will be replaced by electric transportation vehicles to ensure the emission-free delivery of parcels. 


With the completion of the project in summer 2021, the City of Graz will be the first city in Austria to enjoy 100% emission-free delivery of all mail and parcels. About 300,000 inhabitants will benefit from an overall improved quality of life through the reduction of noise and exhaust emissions.