bpost wants to engage its suppliers in its sustainability program and help them create upstream impact within its supply chain.


By incorporating sustainability in its procurement program bpost is strongly committed to making its fleet more sustainable, either by purchasing e-bikes, alternative means of transportation, double-deck truck trailers and electric vehicles or alternative fuels. The company also strives to get its suppliers to support its sustainable code of conduct. For example, local control agencies check that bpost uniforms in Bangladesh are produced in accordance with the applicable legislation and bpost’s code of conduct. The company’s purchasing policy also aims to meet the changing needs of consumers. For example, bpost will review its packaging procurement strategy, specifically with regard to quality, innovation and sustainability. The packaging market is constantly evolving and bpost wants to capture existing innovations in order to purchase packaging that meets both the consumers’ wishes and its sustainability strategy. To determine whether a supplier actually respects the code of conduct and the right policies, they are assessed by an external and independent partner, Ecovadis. 


bpost’s procurement department is linked to relevant sustainability networks such as Procura+. Procura+ is an initiative of European government agencies that focuses on sustainable and innovative procurement, encouraging companies to work together.