Correos is involved in a reduction plan to reach the goal set by the Copenhagen Summit 2009 of reducing 20% emissions in the scopes 1 and 2 between 2008 and 2020.


Correos has implemented a Sustainability Plan intending to meet the SDGs while achieving four objectives: carbon neutrality, waste elimination, e-mobility and local value. Correos bets on offering sustainable products and services while fighting for environmental preservation. One of the initiatives inside its Responsible Business core is #Correos Compensa, a collaborative solution aiming to offset CO2 emissions linked to customers’ activity. Correos offers offsetting projects validated by the Spanish Office for Climate Change. The postal operator is therefore currently working on the implementation of five relevant projects. The first project concerns the reforestation of burnt lands due to bushfires in the Alcoroches. The second project aims to increase the use of renewable energy sources such as wind power. The third one is about environmental conservation through the protection of 500,000 hectares of chestnut trees in the Amazon. The fourth project concerns the mitigation of methane emissions and power generation through waste management in Brazil. The last one targets the sustainable management of local forests to promote renewable energy while preventing fires. 


The offsetting of its carbon footprint provides Correos with a number of benefits in that it helps to mitigate and adapt its activity to the reality of climate change and can be a differentiating element compared to competitors. Besides, it helps to improve corporate image while creating new sustainable services and products