Croatian Post continues its green transition by deploying electric vehicle charging stations and building energy efficient commercial properties.


For several years, Croatian Post’s implementation of projects to reduce carbon dioxide emissions has been intensive, same as the continued expansion of its green fleet. In order to provide for further expansion of the electric vehicle fleet, EV charging stations have been deployed in Velika Gorica, Osijek and Zadar. The charging stations in Velika Gorica and Osijek deliver up to 50 kW, while the Zadar station has a charging power of up to 22 kW. The EV infrastructure deployment project has been co-funded by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. Energy efficiency is applied not only in transportation, a key operations segment, but also in corporate real estate management. One example is an €8 million Bakar-Kukuljanovo facility currently under construction. After completion, it will upgrade the quality of postal services in western Croatia and the building-integrated solar energy system will improve its energy efficiency


The strategic deployment of charging stations has improved EV logistics potential. In the long run, Croatian Post’s postal workers will be able to charge their private vehicles as well, which will further reduce GHG emissions