To reduce air pollution and noise levels, Croatian Post introduced 20 electric quadricycles to its fleet



Corporate social responsibility is one of the most important philosophies of Croatian Post’s Development Strategy Post2022. In order to lower its carbon emissions and to promote green transport, Croatian Post purchased 20 electric quadricycles. Electric vehicles improve mobility during delivery in urban areas, reduce the fleet’s operating costs and increase energy efficiency. Quadricycles can carry up to two people and are specially designed for driving in narrow spaces. With higher transport capacity, these quadricycles are the best response to the specific needs of urban delivery and the ever-rising parcel volumes. The purchase of the vehicles was co-financed by the Croatian Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. 


By using electric quadricycles, Croatian Post will reduce its CO2 emissions by 7.6 tonnes per year. Vehicles are used in urban and touristic areas and promote Croatian Post’s vision of a clean, environmental-friendly delivery