The CGGS Curriculum was developed to promote Mission 2050 within the company and involves employees in the Group’s environmental protection activities.


Deutsche Post launched a state-of-the-art eLearning program and a corresponding self-guided workshop format for operational staff. The modules cover what climate change means, what the company is doing to counter and mitigate the effects of climate change and how everyone can make a difference. In addition to this foundation module, divisional or functional elective modules have to be completed. Some of the program’s critical success factors were that it was a fit for all divisions and job profiles, with digital, easy-to-understand content that was integrated into employees’ daily work. 


Around 20,000 colleagues completed the foundation eLearning in 2019; the training has an average rating of 4.73/5 stars on our internal training platform. One of Deutsche Post’s customers liked the approach so much that they asked DHL Supply Chain to pilot the training in one of their sites.