In 2016, La Poste implemented an EMS in its buildings to control power consumption.


The ISO 50.001 certification attests responsible and reasoned energy consumption management of buildings. It tops off the Group’s expertise in terms of energy consumption and commitments against climate change. EMS supports better cost management while having a direct impact on the Group’s low-carbon path. The ISO 50.001 certification process was launched in 2019 with both primary and follow-up auditing. A positive opinion was given by auditors to the AFNOR certification commission and the certification was delivered. As a result, following the certification process, 196 buildings have been certified for three years with a follow-up audit each year. For the Group subsidiary SOBRE ENERGIE, which developed the solution used for the implementation of the EMS, now certified by ISO 50.001, the recognition by a third-party brings a competitive advantage. SOBRE ENERGIE benefits from this certification to offer its know-how to new customers. 


By launching its EMS, the Group addressed the objectives fixed by the French law ELAN, which sets ambitious energy efficiency standards to all tertiary buildings of more than 1,000 m2 by 2040. In 2021, La Poste is considering to expand the range of targeted buildings, preparing for the next generation, more resilient and sustainable.