Poste Italiane participated in the tenth edition of ReBoat, a recycled regatta, on boats built by a team of employees using some of the company’s recycled materials.


Four teams of employees competed in the name of sustainability under the themes of: “Poste re-takes” (yellow colour, urban decoration); “Poste moves” (green colour, energy); “Poste recovers” (orange colour, paper and plastic) and “Poste saves” (blue colour, water). The colleagues who wanted to take part in the concept and realisation of a unique project entirely built with recycled materials, met after office hours at the construction site set up inside a public park and gave voice to their creativity. Thanks to great teamwork, they built four boats which raced in the artificial lake located behind Poste Italiane’s HQ in Rome. The company provided the teams with the material necessary for the boats’ construction, recovering decommissioned material no longer functional to the company’s activities. At the end of the race, the boats were dismantled, and all the material used (wood, plastic, cardboard, etc.) went through differentiated recycling. 


Poste Italiane boats won the “More followers”, the “Miss ReBoat” (the most beautiful boat) and the “Social Building” awards (more involvement on social networks). The initiative was very successful amongst employees, providing an excellent opportunity for team building, and effectively expressed the values of sharing and caring for the environment.