In 2019, Posti designed a new environmental program with the help of a community created by its employees, focusing on environmental issues.


Green Community was launched in a strategy day event where the company’s new ambitious Zero Carbon target for 2030 was first published. The goal is to share good practices and information on environmental issues across the organisation. It is also an environmental management model where company-level targets are being implemented in a bottom-up style by engaging a broad range of people around the company. Anyone has the possibility to join the community. Active members of the Green Community include about 60 people from different parts of the organisation, including businesses as well as support functions. The members of the Green Community meet regularly and have access to a digital group workspace. Some of the members were assigned to the Green Community because they work on the environmental aspects of Posti’s operations. Others have joined the initiative because they have a personal interest in the topic. The goal is for everyone to increase their competences in environmental and climate affairs. 


The establishment of an open community and of a digital workspace has increased transparency, awareness and proactive mindset to participate in Posti’s environmental work. Going forward, the goals include increasing environmental information and the analysis of environmental indicators and developing Posti’s operations accordingly