The EcoZone project aims to create a blueprint for sustainable urban logistics that will provide a path to emission-free last-mile deliveries in Belgian cities by 2030.

bpost and Mechelen partnered and launched an urban sandbox to test efficient, emission-free last-mile operations, and pilot sustainable new services. A dense network of parcel lockers was added to the existing pick-up and drop-off point. This creates a walkable network, stimulating inhabitants to leave their car aside. To increase circular economy, reusable packages were tested. The entire fleet (65 vehicles) is replaced by EVs and cargo-bike-trailers. A micro hub was added to further consolidate the parcel flows in-and out of the city. And the first tests with a city hub are being set up.

This first EcoZone represents the first City Blueprint for emission-free delivery in Belgium, and achieved zero-emission delivery in April 2021.

Compared to the former business as usual, bpost now has 65 EV, 9 e-bike-cargo-trailers, 22 e-bikes, 2 electric parcel vans, 1 light electric vehicle, 49 additional locations with parcel lockers without screen, 97% less CO2, 77% less air pollution, 164 km/day less driven, 49% noise reduction.