Cut CO2 emissions in major urban centres in Portugal while maintaining e-buyers delivery experience and access to value-added services.

In July 2020, CTT began a pilot in Lisbon with a significant Express Service client where parcels started being delivered by electric vehicles. CTT’s electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, thus making this a true carbon-neutral delivery. Furthermore, this project includes the collection of coffee capsules for recycling purposes, taking advantage of the trips made to deliver the parcels. The recycling project is part of the sustainable cycle that has also been implemented with other clients. Throughout the year, CTT has expanded the fleet to 15 units and added clients to the solution. 

In April, it was expanded to Porto, second-biggest parcel volume city. CTT expects to have additional regions covered by this solution throughout 2021, with the ultimate goal of being able to offer clients the Green Delivery Solution in Portugal’s main cities

In 2020 the project allowed for 12 tons of avoided CO2 emissions. Preliminary data for Q1 2021 shows a strong trend on this front. 

CTT anticipates that the medium-term impact, with the addition of more clients and expansion to more cities, could reach about 30% of the total express parcel volume.