GEPY is a photovoltaic shade, a roof made of solar panels capable of sheltering and powering Electric Vehicles (EV) and/or the building.

The GEPY (Gestion Electrique Postale Yvelines) experimental project consists of testing a metal “shade” on the parking lot of one of La Poste’s mail site, the roof of which is made of photovoltaic panels. This equipment allows two EVs to have shelter and electricity charge at the same time and/or the building according to the time of the day or according to the sunlight. The production depends on the sunshine, when vehicles are on the road and they can’t be recharged. Therefore, GEPY is a system capable of storing the day’s energy to restore it after the rounds.

The energy storage and management system relies on recycled vehicle batteries and an algorithm that distributes electricity according to availability and need. Thus, when the vehicles are recharged or on tour, the energy supplies the building. On the other hand, when there is insufficient sunlight, the system automatically connects to the ERDF network.

After more than a year and a half of daily use without any breakdown, La Poste can say that GEPY is a success! With an average of 60% of self-generated electricity for EV, the reduction of the bill is important.