Poste Italiane applied a highly innovative Building and Energy management system to 2,000 offices all over Italy.

Data aggregation and a single supervision system for effective energy management and monitoring is used. Poste Italiane performed trials of concept realisation with different suppliers and partners, established detailed project design and specification for a European tender with three specific building clusters based on building dimensions and complexity, choose suppliers to provide centralised software to collect data, to monitor and manage plants to optimise comfort and reduce energy consumption. A central software with dashboard design and algorithms was implemented.

Energy reports on consumption, based on clusters, correlated with management actions and building inspections, sensor and gateway installations to collect data and connect plants to the central software were made.

Poste Italiane has a virtual control room to test dashboards and algorithms and to analyse consumption data. This project is based on a continuous learning approach to fine-tune the energy management system.

Poste Italiane expects 7,6 GWh/y of energy saving and 200 kSmc of gas saving, a CO2 emission reduction for 392 Tons per year.

In the 2022-2024 plans, the extension of this installation is foreseen for another 4,000 buildings (13,500 in total for Poste Italiane). This technology can be applied to postal organisations in all countries, with slight local adaptation to specific climate conditions and physical characteristics of the buildings.