MyVirtualDrive 3D Application is a simulated eco-sustainable driving system to experience the direct benefits of ecological, economical and safe driving.

The goal of MyVirtualDrive project is to promote the Eco-driving techniques, including through real-time simulation. The simulated eco-driving system MyVirtualDrive allows the driver of a vehicle to acquire an ecological, economical and safe driving style and aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 from 10% and up to 20%) in the atmosphere and as much fuel consumption driving the private vehicle. 

In addition, the awareness-raising activity on Eco- Drive issues contributes to the prevention of accidents at work and the risks of road traffic. This is possible by preparing the driver, even in a simulated scenario, to face unexpected traffic and road events, with training aimed at managing critical traffic situations. 

Nevertheless, the initiative not only contributes to the strengthening of the corporate image, but also to the improvement of the corporate Sustainability Index, with a view to the vision of becoming a “sustainable company”. 

In the year 2020, the results obtained from the complex of sustainable mobility company activities have allowed an estimated saving of over 12,600 tons of CO2 with an estimate of the monetary value of external economic costs avoided which is over €9.8 million.