Development of a new section “Poste Pedala” on the existing mobility portal PosteMobilityOffice for employees using a bicycle to reach the workplace.

The purpose of PostePedala project is to incentivise employees to use the bicycle, in order to reduce CO2 emissions through promoting the creation of a social, gaming and competition virtual place and the creation of a community of bikers competing on the most virtuous way to move across the city, making a concrete contribution to the environment, measurable over time. 

An innovative way to encourage good mobility practices, making simple corrective actions to employees' daily travel habits. 

PostePedala allows the employees to record the km travelled by bike and enables each of them to view their position in the ranking of “bike-friendly” participants in the initiative, thanks to the competition, the continuous improvement of their performance to climb the ranking.

In the year 2020, the results obtained from the complex of sustainable mobility company activities have allowed an estimated saving of over 12,600 tons of CO2 with an estimate of the monetary value of external economic costs avoided which is over €9.8 million.