PostNL implemented carbon emissions reporting fully in the planning and control cycle in order to steer effectively on the progress on targets.

PostNL already had the following in place: long-term target setting, monthly data collection and analysis, quarterly management board reports, formal budget process and annual reporting in the integrated report.

PostNL took a next step by fully aligning the planning and control cycle on environmental reporting to their financial reporting. Therefore, PostNL implemented fictive carbon costs in capex procedures with internal carbon pricing, included environ-mental incentives in variable compensation of top and other senior management, both on long and short term, integrated environmental indicators in annual strategic plan update process, included environmental indicators in quarterly latest estimate projections, designed and implemented formal controls integrated in the internal control network and created monthly management dashboard to track performance on a monthly basis. 

With the initiative PostNL creates more awareness on environmental issues. It helps to improve the reliability of their data and the predictability of their performance. 

PostNL steers more effectively which helps in accelerating their CO2 efficiency’s improvement.