Waste disposal was identified as a pending task during audits. 21 of 30 Logistics locations collected waste at their buildings in 2020.

Over the year, waste generated by customers, third parties and staff accumulated in the vicinity of the building. 

In one concerted effort, staff collected and separated the surrounding waste before disposing of it. 

Seven people took part in the cleaning campaign at each location, from managers to apprentices. 

Each participating logistics location put together a mobile team. Participants were equipped with gloves, waste bags and high visibility vests. The buildings and the surrounding area were cleaned. The collected waste was spread out and photo-graphed. The campaign was very well received by customers and staff. 

Photos of the piles of collected waste helped to make staff aware of the need for proper waste disposal. Customers were also impressed to see teams of staff looking for waste armed with high-visibility vests, litter pickers and waste bags, making them realise that Swiss Post also carries out non-com¬mercial campaigns. 

The response was overwhelmingly positive. In part, people were astonished by how many cigarette butts, cans, leftovers and parts of packaging and disposable loading fasteners were simply thrown away. Other business units have also scheduled Clean Days for their plan of action.