With their recycling services, Swiss Post and Swisscom are making a valuable contribution to the circular economy.

“Swisscom Take me back” is offered as a customer solution and includes the option to return old and defective Swisscom devices (e.g. routers, Internet-Boxes, etc.). Customers can simply leave them in the storage compartment of their mailbox with a tab hanging out that is marked for the mail carrier. When mail carriers see the tab, they take the parcel or the loose device with them. 

Strictly speaking, however, this is a refurbishing service rather than a recycling service, as it involves overhauling and repairing devices for reuse. Swiss Post passes the returned devices on to a Swisscom partner company, which checks them. If they are in good condition, they are repaired and reused or recycled. 

The entire process involves around 500 branches with 15,000 mail and parcel carriers.

Swiss Post’s mail carriers collect around 2,900 Swisscom telematics devices every month. This was a novel service, a similar concept has now been implemented for another telecom provider. It was publicised in the press by telecom customers and Swiss Post, prompting the other provider to participate.