Sustainable packaging solutions for e-commerce, which are made from renewable materials/recycled PET and can be reused 10-100 times.


The ongoing boom in e-commerce is increasing the amount of disposable packaging. A preliminary study of 40 sustainable packaging solutions showed that the most effective way to reduce emissions is to establish a circular economy. In partnership with the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences and five retailers, Austrian Post is currently testing four different sustainable packaging solutions for e-commerce.

These products are made from renewable materials or recycled PET and can be reused between 10 and 100 times. In 2022, a study will be conducted on the suitability of these packages for shipping and the extent to which the solutions are accepted by customers. The company wants to determine if the cycles that have been envisaged are actually feasible in real life.

Austrian Post also wants to contribute to the circular economy in regard to the packaging issue, by taking appropriate measures to minimise waste.


A project was initiated to examine wishes and uses of businesses and consumers in terms of reusable and sustainable packaging solutions. It resulted in February 2022 in the launch of a pilot test, in partnership with 5 renowned Austrian retail companies to determine the feasibility of the project.