Seven large companies decided to combine their deliveries of orders to retail outlets and individuals in the city of Antwerp.


With the idea of reducing the kilometrage and emissions of urban deliveries in the city of Antwerp, 7 companies launched the "CULT" partnership. bpost was selected to smart bundle their parcels and pallets and then deliver them completely emission-free to retail outlets and individuals in the city.

The positive impact on mobility and the environment will increase as more companies join CULT for their goods’ flows. Companies - even competing players - can cooperate transparently and fully in line with existing regulations and the structure is easily transferable to other cities.

This project is fully in line with the "Ecozone" philosophy of sustainable, innovative urban distribution whereby bpost combines emission-free delivery in several Belgian cities, with an extensive network of collection points and lockers.


This resulted in a 25% reduction in kilometres driven and a 90% reduction in emissions through combined deliveries in the city of Antwerp.