The "Responsible Delivery" product is a non-urgent option allowing to optimise delivery routes and reduce parcels’ GHG emissions.


Under the motto "Not everything is urgent, but taking care of the planet is" Correos launched its Responsible Deliveries product, a non-urgent tracked parcel up to 30 kg which aims at fostering an environmentally conscious parcel choice.

With Responsible Deliveries product, Correos minimises the environmental impact of parcels by using algorithms for delivery route planning and optimisation. Waiting for vehicles to be fully loaded before delivering brings time and cost savings, it reduces kilometres travelled and GHG emissions and improves efficiency and air quality. Besides, Correos’ ecological delivery fleet (over 1,900 electric vehicles) and more than 11,000 employees delivering on foot contribute to greening the company’s deliveries.

Available for shipments throughout Spain, Andorra and Portugal (peninsular), delivered within 48-72 hours, at several delivery locations (home, Correos offices or Citypaq lockers), Responsible Deliveries are a convenient sustainable alternative for customers.


Correos invites customers to reflect on their consumption environmental impact: while urgent shipments come at a higher environmental cost, Responsible Deliveries allow a CO2 emissions reduction of up to 40% compared with urgent same-day deliveries, and cost as much as a standard domestic parcel.