La Poste Groupe is among the first posts to implement a biodiversity action plan and included it as the third axis of its environmental policy.


Three axes compose this strategy:

  • Axis 1: Establish a group governance of biodiversity and integrate this governance in the overall CSR governance
  • Axis2: Reduce the pressures on biodiversity caused by the Group’s activities in France and abroad.
  • Axis 3: Contribute to the mobilisation of citizens in favour of biodiversity, particularly in France and its overseas territories.

La Poste has identified three points of "pressure" on biodiversity in relation to its activities and therefore three areas of action: real estate, finance and transport.

In order to intensify its actions, the operator joined two initiatives in 2022: "Companies engaged for nature" led by the French office of biodiversity and "Logistics and transport to combat the illegal trade of wild species" led by WWF France. This commitment to biodiversity also resulted in two main partnerships:

  • The French League for the Protection of Birds which aims to improve the way biodiversity is taken into account in company policy and in field practices.
  • The signature of 16 "Low Carbon Label" projects to enable the limitation of the consumption of natural spaces by buildings and the waterproofing related to their footprint.

La Poste Groupe further awareness on the impact of its activity on the living beings and ensure that its practices are exemplary. It has set measurable objectives by establishing an indicator to evaluate the Group’s biodiversity footprint (Global Biodiversity Score).