The e-book illustrates how our style of mobility brings both economic and social benefits to individuals and environment.


The purpose of the 5th edition e-Book 2021 - "Why moving in a sustainable way?", the challenge of the future car: "naturally electric!" aims to illustrate how new automotive technologies and business models are converging to trigger a transformative revolution on the streets of our cities and the compelling reason to support the spread of electric cars.

In addition to the reduction of direct pollution (environmental and acoustic), the electric car constitutes - in fact - an effective and immediate solution to combat climate change at the local level and can represent one of the key tools for achieving the ecological objectives set for 2050.

The awareness-raising activity on the issue of sustainable mobility proposed by the e-Book contributes to understanding the importance of the effects of one’s carbon footprint on the environment. It explains how conscious choices contribute to the reduction of polluting emissions, deepening the theme of the electric car, now at the centre of the public debate.


In 2021, the results obtained from the sustainable mobility company activities have allowed an estimated saving of over 16,000 tons of CO2 with an estimate of the monetary value of external economic costs avoided over €15,7m.