A receptacle bag suitable for small packages to avoid the single use of 7 km of plastic foil a day during international transport.


PostNL is continuously looking closely to opportunities to make operations more sustainable. At its international sorting centre in the Netherlands (HUB IMEC), wrapping foil is used to secure goods in a container which added up to 7 km a day if the new VAT regulations are followed.

PostNL implemented a quick – and sustainable – solution to eliminate this extensive foil use. With the concept of circularity guidelines, the suitable solutions in operations that could be quickly copied and implemented are first considered. For a different type of container, receptacle bags are already used. This product was reused and altered to fit this specific use.

A local supplier redesigned the bag for the new size container and the design was sent to the company’s supplier in China to produce and to eliminate any unnecessary use of material in this new bag.

Maximum reuse of products and minimal use of materials is part of the PostNL circularity guidelines that are being drawn up to be implemented before the end of the year.


Using the 1 500 new IMEC receptacle bags eliminated the use of 7 km of plastic a day but also makes the work of securing small packages in containers way easier. In addition, the cost of the 1,500 bags is equal to about 1,250 km of plastic, therefore this circular bag is cost-efficient within 6 months.