16 electrical vehicles have replaced previous diesel cars.


Between the 1 and 14 November 2021, 16 electrical vehicles were deployed on the island of Bornholm for distribution of parcels and letters, replacing the previous 16 diesel vehicles. The new vehicles, mostly Mercedes-Benz eVito and eSprinter, run on certified green electricity and emit less CO2. The cars are supplemented by two existing cycle routes in Rønne.

It is exciting for the operator to be using the new electric cars - both because they are better to drive in, but also because of the pride in contributing to the green transition.

In January 2022, software solution MONTA was installed to further improve efficiency in charging practices. The platform allows to customise the EV charge points to the EV’s charging needs.

The Bornholm project allowed to gain some best practices regarding intelligent charging and charging infrastructure. The knowledge gained is currently being used in PostNord’s EV testing projects running in Hillerød, Odense and Sønderborg.


From a wheel-to-wheel (WtW) perspective which focuses on the energy production, the results indicate that the 16 EV cars will allow a 56% reduction of CO2 compared to a one-year scenario using 16 Diesel cars. From a tank-to-wheel (TtW) perspective, the emissions are 0gr CO2, as PostNord buys only certified green electricity.