Consignments are delivered from a CityHub exclusively by e-vehicles with combined transport taking place outside rush hour.


Thanks to the CityHub, parcel rounds do not start from the large base on the outskirts of the city, but directly from an inner-city hub. The parcel carriers no longer all drive into the city separately at 8 a.m. Instead, combined truck transport brings the parcels into the city centre before rush hour. E-vehicles are then exclusively used from the CityHub to deliver parcels to the immediate vicinity. Three CityHubs have been put into operation in Zurich. The three hubs have a total of 83 e-vehicles, 11 of which are e-vans.


Rush hour traffic will be reduced by 1,100 trips per year. Noise, fine particles and CO2 pollution will be lower by cutting 8,800 km of driving per year. This commitment entails costs for Swiss Post, with more expensive parcel delivery due to extra handling and the expensive space in the city.