New Zealand Post’s Social Procurement Journey

In August 2017, New Zealand Post committed to using procurement and discretionary spend to buy goods and services from social enterprises. This was part of their overarching sustainability focus to influence positive outcomes across ‘people, planet and prosperity’. Social procurement and the social enterprise sector is in its infancy in New Zealand. New Zealand Post recognised an opportunity for growth of this sector and took a leadership approach to fast-track the growth.

Social enterprises are purpose-driven organisations that trade to deliver social and environmental impact, reinvesting profit into their purpose. New Zealand Post has contracted with several Social Enterprise suppliers since 2017. They have also established a ‘social enterprise courier rate’ available to any social enterprise within New Zealand. New Zealand Post recognises that by lowering the cost to serve for a social enterprise, then they can reinvest more profit into generating positive outcomes. Social procurement delivers benefits that remain in the community after the goods or services have been delivered.