Posti ingraining sustainability into daily routines


As one of Finland’s biggest employers, Posti can have a positive influence on the local sustainability agenda and act as an example to others. Emissions from transport account for a fifth of Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions and as a large company, Posti plays an important role in promoting environmentally-friendly logistics. The company has a target to reduce emissions by 30% by 2020.

In the autumn of 2018, Posti organised “Climate workout”, a climate-themed training week, in cooperation with the Helsinki Environmental Services Authority (HSY). During the week, staff received simple and inspiring advice via various digital channels on climate-friendly everyday activities for mobility, food, living and consumption. Employees across the company participated in the training both in-person at Posti’s headquarters and remotely. 

During the week different partners joined the training. For instance, on the mobility-themed day, employees were informed about electric and gas vehicles, renewable fuels, and were able to test Posti’s electric scooters and bikes. There was also a small pop-up shop for cycling supplies in the lobby. On the food-themed day, employees were encouraged to take part in a physical food puzzle where different food items were organised in a pyramid according to their climate impact.

Over 2,000 Posti employees took part in the training week, which included daily fact sheets and tips on the four different themes, promoting the benefits of everyday actions in reducing society’s carbon footprint.