A second lease of life for Swiss Post uniforms

Swiss Post’s sustainability performance ensures an appropriate balance between economic success, environmental action and social responsibility and is documented in accordance with GRI Standards. Within the Corporate Responsibility Strategy, sustainable procurement is one of the five main pillars and since 2012, the sustainable procurement of work clothes for Swiss Post employees has been awarded the label “Leader” year on year by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Every year, Swiss Post purchases around 200,000 pieces of work clothing for employees for which the loop has been closed by a scheme to reuse and recycle used company clothing. In a collaboration with the Swiss Red Cross, 10-15 tonnes of clothes have been donated on an annual basis since 2015. The clothes are sold at a low cost, donated to Swiss Mountain Aid, or transformed into new products. A social institution manufactures new products such as laptop bags out of branded postal uniforms or restores them for re-use; saving water, energy and other resources.
The scheme is ongoing, with potential to be expanded further.