United States Postal Service: You can’t manage what you can’t measure

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is committed to responsibly managing its operations and continually strives to reduce GHG emissions, energy, water use and waste. Working with internal stakeholders, key suppliers, and companies from the mailing industry, USPS has set policies and implemented programs to incorporate sustainable business practices.

USPS has created the Corporate Energy Interface (CEI) which extracts data from existing USPS systems. This data is used to support energy reduction goals and carry-out mandated energy and greenhouse gas reporting. The CEI functions like a dashboard, providing a repository of facility and fuel usage and expense data accessible from a single interface. The CEI includes a Green Initiative Tracking Tool for planning sustainability projects related to energy, fuel and water. It also contains an Electrical Vehicle Support Equipment tool and a Resiliency Tool to provide information on facilities, weather events and sea level rise to inform decision-making.

As the USPS system for sustainability reporting protocols, the CEI also enables tracking of energy consumption and spending. The tool is an exceptional resource, providing the ability to understand greenhouse gas emissions and their organisational impact. In addition, the CEI informs budgetary projections based on changes in the fuel market.