LED upgrades helps An Post to deliver on its environmental performance

As part of its commitment to achieving energy efficiencies throughout its business, An Post has rolled out an LED Smart Lighting system across its four Mail Centres over the last two years. The project is part of a broad reaching energy efficiency drive underway at An Post.

Through the LED Smart Lighting initiative, existing internal and external lighting systems are being upgraded to reduce power consumption and improve lighting design. Smart lighting controls are also being installed for both timed and motion sensor lighting, leading to reduced power consumption and extending the life of the new light fittings. In conjunction, enhanced maintenance plans have been developed to enable greater efficiency in the management of lighting systems.

The project has already generated significant cost savings as well as delivered considerable environmental gains. An Post anticipates that energy use will be over 1,000,000 kWh lower in 2017 as result of the LED Smart Lighting initiative. Since the project began in 2015, an overall energy reduction of 14% has been achieved on baseline energy-use and the project is expected to pay back on capital investment within three years of completion. As a result An Post has trimmed its carbon emissions by 384 tonnes per annum, with savings expected to reach 530 tonnes once the initiative is rolled out more widely across the business.