Correos greening last mile delivery

In order to address the environmental impact of last-mile deliveries, Correos and Correos Express have joined forces to implement a sustainable delivery programme. The programme seeks to maximise efficiencies and utilise new technologies to reduce carbons emissions from its 12,600-strong vehicle fleet which travels 60m km annually. 

Through this initiative, not only has Correos reduced the number of kilometres travelled, but it has also made the remaining distance travelled ‘greener’. To reduce the kilometres travelled, Correos implemented route optimisation systems and developed new delivery methods such as the CityPaq service, an automated collection point. In order to reduce carbon emissions associated with delivery, Correos expanded its electric fleet by 325 vehicles in the last two years. With 25 electric vans and 300 electric motorcycles, it is one of the largest electric vehicle fleets in Spain. Furthermore, the electricity that is used in the new fleet comes from 100% renewable sources.

Since 2017, the initiative has helped Correos save 90,000 litres of diesel and reduced CO2 emissions by 200 tonnes. The initiative has also resulted in further reductions in nitrous oxides and noise, improving urban air quality. Not only does the use of the new alternative-fuel vehicles reduce congestion but the vehicles can also be used in protected historic districts, harmonising the sustainability strategy with the community it serves. On top of the environmental and social benefits, Correos enjoys a 25% reduction in maintenance costs and a further 75% savings in purchase tax. 

Meanwhile, in 2018, Correos Express has launched MARES, a project aimed at analysing the maximum distance a vehicle type used (backpackers, electric delivery bikes and electric cars) can travel. Additionally, MARES includes a pilot with gas vehicles that is going to be developed in the near future. This project supports the development of zero-emission delivery zones, the improvement of air quality and the reduction of noise pollution in cities. Since January, MARES has avoided almost than 300 tonnes of CO2. This is the equivalent to planting 6,000 olive trees in Spain.

The Correos and Correos Express programmes integrating efficiencies and new technologies underpin its commitment to the environment and capacity for innovation. These initiatives have engaged and brought satisfaction to employees, introduced more sustainable and cost-effective transport and reduced the environmental impact on local communities.