Deutsche Post DHL Group drives innovation and sustainability

While Deutsche Post DHL Group already makes extensive use of electric vehicles for its delivery operations, the company has gone one step further by collaborating on the development of a new e-vehicle, the StreetScooter. In order to meet the specific challenges of mail and parcel delivery operations, in 2012 Deutsche Post DHL took the innovative approach to design the StreetScooter in cooperation with the RWTH Aachen University. In 2014, Deutsche Post DHL acquired the startup StreetScooter GmbH. There are now more than 6,000 StreetScooters deployed throughout Germany. 

Both the Work and the Work L models have a range of at least 80km, with cargo loading capacities of 4.3 and 8 m3, respectively. Each StreetScooter Work saves around three tonnes of carbon and 1,100 litres of diesel fuel per year compared to conventional delivery vehicles, with the larger Work L model saving four tonnes of carbon and 1,500 litres of diesel. Furthermore, StreetScooters use 100% green electricity, and their quiet and pollution-free operation also helps improve the quality of life of local residents. As 150 of Deutsche Post DHL’s own drivers helped design the vehicle, the new fleet also provides a more ergonomic working environment.

On top of the environmental benefits, Deutsche Post DHL Group also enjoys reduced fuel expenses of more than €1,000 per vehicle annually, in addition to tax savings and a 60% reduction in maintenance costs. The Group has also begun selling the StreetScooter to third parties. 

This success story demonstrates the power of combining innovation with sustainability. Deutsche Post DHL Group has filled a gap in the market, developed its own environmentally friendly and efficient delivery solution and turned it into a new business model in the span of just a few years.