Le Groupe La Poste sustainability efforts reach new heights

For Le Groupe La Poste, sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. France’s postal operator has developed creative technological delivery solutions including a remote-controlled drone and an automated mail cart named Effibot.

The DPDgroup drone has operated since 2016 and is completely automated, with an average speed of 30 km/h, a 3 kg payload and a range of 20 km. Meanwhile, the automated mail cart was first tested in March 2017 in three cities, on five delivery rounds, with five different mail carriers. Equipped with sensors and able to carry up to 150 kg of parcels and letters, this autonomous cart accompanies the Postman/postwoman during his/her delivery round and facilitates the work, stopping when they stop, circumventing obstacles and carefully avoiding pedestrians.

The DPDgroup drone simplifies deliveries in secluded or difficult to access areas, and can facilitate deliveries in emergency situations, such as delivering medicine. The Effibot is equipped with an electric battery and therefore produces no noise or local pollution. These sustainable solutions are not only safer for employees and more efficient for customers. They are part of the new and innovative technologies that can help deliver environmental benefits and improve employees’ working conditions.