PostNord lays the foundations for a sustainable supply chain

As part of its corporate strategy “Leading in Sustainability”, PostNord has been focusing on building a sustainable supply chain. The company purchases goods and services amounting to US$2.2bn annually from some 26,000 suppliers and has put processes in place to enable a close dialogue with its suppliers on sustainability performance.

PostNord set a target that by 2020, at least 80% of the Group’s total spend should be with suppliers that accept and comply with its Supplier Code of Conduct. The company developed its supplier compliance and risk assessment processes via collaboration between its procurement department and sustainability specialists. Compliance is ensured through on-site audits and online self-assessment. In order to engage with its suppliers in an easily accessible way, PostNord has developed an e-learning programme on the Supplier Code of Conduct that is available in five languages on PostNord’s website.

PostNord has already made notable progress towards its target. By mid-2018, approximately 45% of purchasing volumes are being sourced from suppliers who have successfully completed the sustainability approval process. To date, PostNord has requested more than 220 suppliers to complete a self-assessment questionnaire and conducted 15 on-site audits of high risk suppliers. The audits are performed by an internal team of SA 8000 basic auditors, or a third-party auditing firm.

Through partnerships with suppliers, as well as with clients and consumers, PostNord is working to reduce climate impact and enable safe and secure deliveries. By providing reliable and sustainable infrastructure for logistics, e-commerce and communication, sometimes to very remote locations, PostNord also contributes to building sustainable cities and communities.