Knowledge Centre

IPC’s programmes help postal operators defend existing businesses and expand into growth areas. IPC offers its members insight into market and regulatory developments and provides a framework for networking and knowledge sharing. Our sustainability programme aims to reduce the postal sector’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.


Because strategic decisions must be based on relevant and time-critical business intelligence, IPC provides reports and research on the global postal and parcel industry. Our reports and research give postal stakeholders a comprehensive and in-depth review of industry performance, trends, challenges and opportunities. Our reports are mainly produced for our 24 member postal organisations, but other stakeholders can purchase the IPC Global Postal Industry Report and IPC Carrier Intelligence Reports. Find out about pricing and purchase possibilities here.

Who can access our reports, research and tools: 


IPC Global Postal Industry Report

A trusted source on developments in the postal industry worldwide. The report is released each year and provides postal stakeholders with a comprehensive and in-depth review of industry performance and trends.


IPC Global Monitor

Series of reports that presents detailed and confidential information across key areas of interest to IPC members. Available only to executives within IPC's membership.


Strategic Perspectives on the Postal Market

The IPC Strategic Perspectives is a yearly publication that provides a distillation of the cooperative work carried out between member postal operators and IPC in the previous year. The report includes insights gathered from senior executive events throughout the past year.