Österreichische Post lights the way for energy savings

Österreichische Post launched its CO2 NEUTRAL DELIVERY initiative in 2011 aimed at reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency. As part of the programme the company has fitted energy efficient lights in its logistics centres which has helped reduce energy consumption and costs, as well as avoiding CO2 emissions.

As the largest logistics company in the country, Österreichische Post is involved in a very energy-intensive business, which in turn leads to considerable environmental impact. In response to this the company set up its CO2 NEUTRAL DELIVERY initiative, which aims to avoid emissions and increase efficiency, harness alternative sources of energy, and compensate for the energy that is used.

Under this programme Österreichische Post completed its first conversion of a lighting system to LEDs at its Vienna logistics centre in spring 2015, also taking the opportunity to fit an energy monitoring system for the building. Österreichische Post expects to have paid back its investment in around two and a half years. Moreover, during its 20-year life span the system is estimated to avoid over 4,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions and save more than 26,300 MWh of electricity compared to a conventional lighting system. Annually, that works out to 240 tonnes of CO2 and roughly 1,315 MWh.

Österreichische Post is planning to expand the programme in the coming years. Other lighting systems will be changed over the next years, with the Styria logistics centre next in line for conversion.