Articles on research and market developments in global e-Commerce

black friday

Black Friday Trends 2016

The Black Friday phenomenon is clearly on a rise, with sales in both the US and Europe at record highs. This article looks at the figures for 2016 and identifies several trends.

parcel locker

Delivery choice - Parcel lockers

This article is a summary overview of the parcel locker market development by key players, both postal operators and other entrants. To access the full version, available only for IPC members, please log in.

amazon logo

Amazon expands its delivery capabilities

Although originally Amazon said it was not planning to replace delivery partners but merely supplement the capacity provided by them during peak periods for shipments, it seems likely that Amazon Logistics want a bigger piece of the delivery pie.


Delivery operators gear up for peak period

In advanced economies such as Canada, Germany, France, the UK and US, e-Commerce will grow between 12-15%. We look at five markets, predictions regarding peak season volumes and key e-Commerce players’ preparations regarding extra staff, facilities and fleet.


The challenge of omnichannel in retail

Omnichannel has been a buzzword in retail in recent years, yet providing a seamless shopping experience across all different channels is becoming more and more challenging. This article describes the reasons for this

2015 IPC Strategic Perspectives on the Postal Market

IPC’s Strategic Perspectives on the Postal Market provides a distillation of the cooperative work carried out between member postal operators and IPC. This edition presents the knowledge shared between IPC members as well as at research performed by IPC over the course of 2014.

Asendia Pocket Guide e-Commerce

In this guide, some of the hotspots for e-commerce around the world are highlighted, where there are significant opportunities for B2C e-commerce businesses.