In the technical analysis chapter, we present the detailed results and analysis of the two core elements of the Environmental Measurement and Monitoring System (EMMS) Programme: Carbon Management Proficiency (CMP) and Carbon Performance Indicators (CPI).

he fundamental principle of the EMMS programme is that a comprehensive approach to carbon management is essential for significant, systematic and sustainable year-on-year reductions in carbon emissions. Effective carbon management involves the implementation of appropriate business principles and systems, clear accountability at senior levels, effective employee engagement, and comprehensive and transparent public reporting.

The first phase of the annual EMMS reporting cycle involves a comprehensive CMP questionnaire. This provides a qualitative assessment of participants’ performance against ten management pillars. The second phase, the CPI calculator, is a quantitative assessment of participants’ carbon efficiency. During this process, participants are required to report on their carbon emissions and other organisational data that is key to evaluating carbon performance, including electricity consumption, proportion of renewable energy used, transport modes and distances (own and outsourced), postal quantities, and numbers of alternative-fuel vehicles.

Since 2008, IPC annually collects, aggregates, and analyses this information at the group level and transparently reports the results in publicly available IPC Postal Sector Sustainability Reports. These reports illustrate the EMMS group’s progress towards our three programme targets, as well as other important performance areas. IPC works closely with Verisk Maplecroft to develop the EMMS programme and deliver the annual IPC Sustainability Reports. Verisk Maplecroft inspects participant data through multiple rounds of plausibility checks and reviews supplementary evidence to ensure high levels of consistency. In addition, we ensure our data is accurate and credible through a third-party review from our external accountant, PwC, providing us with limited assurance.

To promote continuous improvement, each participant in the programme is also provided with an individual analysis of their own CMP and CPI results in the form of tailored Scorecards and detailed Assessments. These customised reports include a summary of their performance to date and recommendations for further improvement. In addition, a Briefing Deck is provided, which includes the anonymised performance of all participants, enabling posts to benchmark their achievements against the rest of the group. Each individual participant receives a rating based on progress made towards both improving their carbon management and reducing emissions.